Einstein a hoaxer?

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Was Einstein a genius, a hoaxer, or a humbug? 

In the early 20th century whilst working as a Swiss Patent Office Examiner 3rd class, to
poke fun at renouned German & English Scientists (who he believed to be anti-semetic),
Einstein as a joke deliberately concocted & published a number of absurd hoax theories, all were absurd,
defied common sense, rational and proof – “Space Time Warp”, “Speed of Light is same for all observers”,
“Relativity”, “Quantum Theory”, “Photo-Electric Effect”, “Heat is Random Molecular Vibration” and
“Mass disappears & converts to Energy” – E = MC2 never guessing all Science Professors would believe it.

Rational eminent scientists of the day ignored him as the joke intended until
the Royal Society Hoax Arthur Edington 1919 Eclipse ! It made Einstein a genius overnight.
The Royal Society published a Headline in the London News “Einstein was right”,
Newton was wrong by 2/10,000th of a degree” – on a star’s locii – everyone believed it and still do today.
The best 2013  telescopes are hardly accurate 1/500th degree. Eddington got 2/10,000th degree with cap cameras,
30 sec exposures, clouds & heavy rain all day. The Royal Society had no eddington 1919 eclipse photos.

Einstein even mis-interpeted the famous equation  E = MC2     

Einstein’s absurd Inconsistency in video below.

Einstein said “the mass “disappears and “is converted into energy!
This is absurd because the units of energy must include mass.
If mass disappears, then M – Mass = 0, then, E = 0 x C2  , then  E = Zero=
If there is no mass because it “disappears” there is zero energy!
Einstein’s Error is taught by all Science Professors today.
There is no evidence, that mass disappears and no need for mass to disappear?

Einstein’s Space Time Warp Is another absurd inconsistent hoax –
Volume or “Space disappears and changes into Time”!

Flaws in Random Chaotic Molecular Vibration collision or Kinetic theory of Heat

Botanist Robert Brown – 1816 observed pollen grains in suspension in heated water were in random chaos. Einstein in 1905 stated Brownian Movement was evidence of his Kinetic Theory of Heat.

Scanning Electron Microscopes disprove random chaotic motion.
Electron Scanning microscope photos of molecules show they are quite still.
If molecules vibrate, electron scanning microscope photos would show a blurr

BIPP’s fair statement is:-
Einstein was a genius, at  hoaxing the humbug Scientists of his day and today.

Royal Society 1919 Eclipse Report, duped & misled Science for 96 years!
The Royal Society President  must confirm they duped & misled Science for 96 years?  


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