Fusion Fraud?

Royal Society 1919 Hoax duped & misled Science for 96 years?
£Billions  granted on absurd Fraudulent  Fusion Energy, need convictions.
Royal Society President  must confirm they duped & misled Science?

OEF Maths Proof shows Nuclear Energy produced withot Mass disapearing?  

UK NAO & PAC must stop £Billions paid to Fusion Fraud?   USA has stopped.

Fusion Physicists still believe Einstein is a genius and that in
E = M x C2    Mass has to disappear in order to create nuclear energy! It is Absurd!
Mathematical Proof “Fusion Energy” is Zero, a Fraud  
Why is Einstein’s intepretation of  E = MC2    Absurd?
Because he said that the Mass must disappear to get Nuclear Energy!
If the mass disappears then
 M = Zero,
then Fusion Energy      E =  Zero x  C2      =  Zero,
So Fusion Energy is Zero Energy. 

OEF is how Nuclear Energy works without Mass loss!

A fission (or disintegration) atomic bomb comprises:-
1) A detonating explosive device to bring together separated critically smaller pieces of,
2) unstable heavy elements Uranium235 &/or Plutonium to form a critical mass sufficient for,
3) atom split chain reactions release neutrons to trigger more splits & widowed orbiting electrons,
4) to partner smaller orbits of lighter atoms viz Tin, keeping entropy –  former peripheral velocity,
5) for awesome increase in electron orbit frequency, temperature & shock wave heat energy.
6) the gross mass of the neutrons, protons & electrons  remains unchanged.
7) No mass disappears?  Visit

With maintained peripheral velocities of widowed orbiting electrons pulled into much smaller orbits
of  tin produce temperatures of millions of degrees, enough to manifest the shock wave heat pulse and awesome destructive power of the  atomic bomb. No mass is ever lost!

H-Bomb the hydrogen bomb -mistakenly called a fusion bomb uses a fission atomic bomb laced with ultra lightt/small unstable Hydrogen – tritium & deuterium, with same entropy,  peripheral velocity of widowed orbiting electrons pulled into the smallest satellite orbits of tritium & deuterium awesome higher orbiting electron frequencies, or temperatures and heat energies are manifested than with Uranium235 &/or Plutonium fission. Some hydrogen bombs create even greater energy by using the tritium & deuterium reaction to trigger yet another fission reaction in a blanket of Uranium235 &/or Plutonium, to obtain nuclear explosives, up to 100 megatons (of TNT). Very few of these huge bombs were built, and none are known to exist today.

Fusion Energy Myth  – No Fusion Energy evidence exists in the Real World or Universe!
1) All Fusion Energy Centres confirm Energy Input Vastly Exceeds Energy Output!
2) They all confirm no likely success before the year 2050.
3) Would the Dragon’s Den back their “not before 2050 forcast”? Definitely not!
4) Fusion Energy, “Mass Disappears” to give Energy is Fraudelent!
5) Fusion Energy Centers waste of £Billions of Tax Payers Money!
6) All Fusion Energy Centers should be abolished forthwith!  

Todays’ Physicists are not Engineering or “Dimensional Analysis” trained.
That’s why they don’t know that the units of energy must contain Mass, Length & Time.

The Sun & Stars are not powered by Fusion Energy.

The Sun & Stars are powered by high temperature burning of materials present there.
Why does it not run out?  Because the enormous gravity of the sun/stars, pull in vast fresh supplies
of space debris, gases, meteors, rocks  & asteroids enough to keep them fueled for ever?

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