Royal Society/Eddington 1919 Hoax

Royal Society/Eddington 1919 Hoax duped & misled Science for 96 years?
Led to £Billions of Quantum / Fusion Fraud, which needs exposure & prosecution.
ed School & University Science Syllabuses need significant revisions to move forward!
Sir Venki Ramakrishnan – new President must confirm, Royal Society/Eddington did dupe Science for 96 years?

On 7 Nov 1919 the Royal Society via London Times ran a headline!
Einstein was right! Newton wrong by 2/10,000th of a degree*! 

The Royal Society have no Eclipse photos. Eddington did’nt take any. He lied.
There is no evidence of Newton –
who died in 1727, predicting star logistics for the 1919 Eclipse.
*The b
est telescope accuracy today is 1/500th of a degree! Eddington got 2/10,000th of a degree,
using a 1919 cap camera, 30 second exposures, in heavy rain & cloud cover on 29th May 1919?

Was this the biggest Hoax of the 20th century?
BIPP was the first to expose the Hoax after receipt of Eddington’s report from the Royal Society.
BIPP found the report incoherent with no explanations, terms, formulae, or photos.
Just Bingo – Einstein was right, Newton wrong by 2/10,000th of a degree?.

Astronomer Arthur Eddington obtained a British Government Grant of
£1,100 (£10.1 Million today) for an expedition to Principe off West Africa ,
to photograph star light bending an extra  two ten thousandths of a degree,
during a total eclipse of the sun, on 29th May 1919 to prove Einstein’s hoax Relativity theory right,
to discredit Newton. Thanks to the Royal Society Hoax, Einstein became a Genius overnight.

Today’s Scientists accept all Einstein’s deliberate absurd hoax theories, Heat is random chaotic motion,
Light are particles called Photons. Mass disappears to create Nuclear Energy & Fusion Energy?
Excellent fodder for science fiction writers eg The Time Machine, Dr Who, Star Wars, and Planet of the Apes.
Yes Einstein’s Hoaxes certainly did make monkeys of humbug Scientists, past & present.
Physicists who don’t know “what Temperature is”, get Nobel Prizes for nearly useless, unproven, Bose/Higgs particles?

Newton’s precise laws of motion, gravity and planets apply & work for celestial & Nuclear orbiting electrons.
Professional Engineer Inventors regularly use Newton’s Work to accurately design new products,
from engines, missions to other planets, now Gig thermo hydraulic power & VTOL Gyroscopic Flight .

There is no evidence to date or use for mankind for any of Einstein’s deliberate Quantum hoax theories,
in the real world. Not even NASA have ever used Einstein’s Relativity for any Space Mission. 

So was Einstein a genius, a hoaxer or a humbug? It would be fair to say all three –
“Einstein was a genius at hoaxing the humbug Scientists of his day & to date”. 


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